Friday, 1 December 2017

It's December..... Again!!!!

"Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat"
Happy new month darlings!  It's not just a new month,it's December!..... The month of celebration and gift giving.
 The month of finding love and giving love. (ooohhh la-la)
Ohhhhhh! how I love Christmas!

Shebi  I can officially start playing Christmas  songs while driving without getting the side eye from other drivers?

The year has been awesome and I honestly can't complain.God is good!
God has sustained us from the beginning of this year to the last month of the year,not because we are worthy but because he loves us.
Tip for the month: stay prayed up!  Oh yes!  December as beautiful as it is always comes with its own temptations and challenges,plus what better way to prepare for a new year in less than 31 days other than to stay prayed up!  Reconnect with God, examine your relationship with him and get to work on defects in your prayer life.
May this month make up for what you lost in previous months, may you have genuine reasons to smile and may your blessings overflow.
Cheers to more money in the bank,  getting hitched, getting promoted, more blessings and favours and making progress . Happy new month!

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

A close shave....but I survived!

I have this conspicuous scar on my knee that people won't stop "admiring" and asking me what happened to me. Initially it made me self conscious.  You wouldn't catch me in an "above the knee "dress/ skirt until I learnt to embrace it and understand that:
"My scars tell a story,they are a reminder of the time when life tried to break me but failed. They are markings of where the structure of my character was welded"
So to bring you up to speed ,this is my story.
OK, fast forward to 2015 , in the small village of okada in Edo state, around June/July I was preparing for paediatrics exams. If you went through medical school in Nigeria you would understand that paediatrics was one of the tricky exams that held back a lot of people hence we always prepared extra extra extra for it.
After an all night I wanted to go study in the call room at the hospital because I didn't want to be tempted to sleep if I read in my room. That morning I can remember saying my morning prayers and having a few drops of tears run down my face but that's usually me  when I pour my heart to God especially when am asking for exam favours.
So I got dressed packed my books and took a bike to the hospital.
Now i had taken a bike to and from the hospital countless times in the past this was not a big deal.....until I came face to face with danger!
Allow me to chime this in even for that 5minutes drive to the next street learn to be thankful. You never know what God has protected you from that you just didn't realise.
So I got on this bike and halfway into the 5 minutes ride my school bus overtook the bike I was in and hit the bike in the process. It staggered for a while as he lost control and I fell out of the bike on the coal tar and found myself some distance away from where I fell in the middle of the road.
This happened two years ago but I still get emotional when I recount the story
But you see,as God will have it the vehicles coming behind stopped and thankfully none was coming with speed on the other side.
It happened so fast. All I could remember was standing up almost immediately,cars were parked and a little crowd had gathered.
First thing I did was to check myself I wasn't sure if i was alive or otherwise. I didn't see another me still lying on the road so I took that to mean that the grace of God has saved me.
To be continued

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Part 2// the bread and butter of making it through medical school and being exceptional at it

Hi guys, today we will be picking up from where we stopped in my last post. If you missed it, you can catch up on it Here

5.The "God factor"
Am not a preacher but in this journey you need God more than ever. I can't emphasize this enough.
 If you don't believe in grace,  medical school will shock you.  Build a personal relationship with God, it helped me when i was a student. Where human intelligence will not save you the grace of God will speak for you. That is not to say that you spend time praying and don't read your books.

6. Your social life is equally important
Once in a while , go out and have fun. Plan your life in a way that you dont miss out on relaxing and having fun whilst excelling academically.
keep in touch with your family and friends the advice and encouragement they will give you will help you keep pushing. I remember then when I would talk to my parents on phone and they encourage me and tell me how proud they are of me. I get off the phone feeling pumped up with extra energy to conquer and it made me never relent.

7. Apply yourself
Medicine is "showmanship" if you have the knowledge but cant apply it, you are not a doctor!
The only way you can learn to apply it is when  you take your clinical posting serious.
Your lecturers will encourage, force and harass you to be involved in clinical activities but at the end of the day its stiill your choice. You can play around it and  pass exams but it will tell on  you later.
Try to be active especially in your clinicals. Clerk as many patients as possible and present to your seniors so they will correct you. Don't be shy to ask questions even if you get laughed at. Better that than being laughed out when the results are out.

8. Join a Study group
Am not a big fan of study groups that are formed 1 month to a few weeks before exams, because for me that's the time I want to recollect all that I have studied. But study groups formed  as soon as lectures begin are cool.
Form a study group with people who are equally as invested in the dream as you(to avoid distractions) and people who are intelligent and hardworking too  (iron sharpeneth iron ) meet and discuss topics you were taught and share your  knowledge with one another. It will help the topics  stick better.

8.Be humble
Medicine is one of those fields where humility will pay you.
Respect your seniors, make friends with them . It wont cost you anything but you will benefit very much from it.
Remember my housemanship hustle Here and Here
You never know who can help me secure a spot so you dint have to go through the stress.
9.Learn procedures
Before you graduate learn at least how to
Clerk patients
Take blood samples
Set line for IV drugs and fluid
Transfuse blood
Do CPR on a patient
Correct hypoglycaemia
Pass urethral catheter
It will help you a lot during your housemanship.

I hope you find this helpful and I hope you make it through the hard times and persevere because once you finally get that MBBS it will be worth it.

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Monday, 6 November 2017

The bread and butter of making it through medical school and being exceptional at it

Hello darlings! Am excited for the  Jambites,fresh medical students and even those who have being medical students long enough.
It gives me great joy to write this post especially for you because Once upon a time, i was a jambite and then a medical student like you. Today i think i can sit on the other side as an elder ( chuckles) and share with you, tips that will help you make it through medical school and be exceptional.

I will like to start by saying that medicine is not just for the very intelligent students. Contrary to what a lot of people think, An average student who is determined to work hard can be a doctor.
I will try to keep this as simple as I can.
Medics are we ready?
1. Why medicine?
What's driving you to this profession is extremely important because it will determine how long you will last on the journey.
It has to be for the right reasons . For me honestly, it was the love for the white coat and being called a doctor also because I grew up with three elder brothers who were booksmart and I always wanted to do something huge so I can be noticed and also because the best students in the class were either going for medicine or engineering.
These reasons will not take you far unless beneath that shallowness lies a special calling and a genuine love for saving lives. Which helped me persevere and sustained me throughiyt the journey.
Get your reasons right!

2.Work begins from day 1
If you are trying to be exceptional in this profession you need to start from the first day you begin your lectures. Medical school is known for "brutal cut downs" I can remember in my first year there were about 400 of us but on our induction day only 61 of us were inducted.
"There is no time to check time"
 Read! Read! Read!
You will only be given 50 to 70% information in the class, make it a habit to go back read those topics from your text books and check latest information online about said topic ( medscape is awesome)
3. Read to understand
Have you seen your textbooks? You know how big they are? All that information has to find a way into your brain and its very possible.I assume am not talking to people who want to be ordinary in the field.
Doctors are known to think fast on their feet. Your Exams as you get into clinicals are structured that way.
You have to know the fundamentals of every pathology to function.
As you come to work, there is no plan,you can meet an ulcer patient, a road traffic accident victim with cerebral haemorrage or pregnant woman with pre-eclampsia you have to be preprared enough to resuscitate and stabilize the patient at least before referring him/ her for expert care and how well you do that depend on how much knowledge you have stored up from your days in school. Don't just read to pass exams,read to understand, digest and visualise what you read,let it make sense to you. Understand the how and why.

4 You need a mentor who is a Doctor
Now am not talking about Ben Carson who is far away from you but someone you can call on phone, visit, text and he/she writes you back.
The advantage goes to those whose parents or siblings are doctors. They have the upper hand unless they are lazy and don't use the advantage.
This is one privilege I wish I had as a student. It makes it easier. You can have as many as possible and utilize them to your advantage.
My advice is, get 3 mentors
Mentor1 should be one class ahead of you. Topics that are new to you, he just passed and he will put you through, tell you what to expect from every lecturer, how to avoid common mistakes howcto prepare for the exams and you can get relevant materials from him/ her.
Mentor2  a fresh doctor ( houseofficer) he is new to the clinical practice and will help you see what areas of your theoretical work will help you in clinical practice.
Mentor3  one who has been in the profession for a couple of years if possible a consultant.
Continue from the next post

My thoughts about last week's tragedy

Hello dearies, happy new week to all of us. Am actually writting this post from the theatre lounge, as i have a few minutes before the next procedure will begin.
Last week was very emotional for me. Aside the fact that I am naturally so emotional,
we lost a patient ( a colleague from another hospital).
Loosing a patient is very heavy and trying, mainly because I have dealt with a loss before and it keeps taking me back to that moment and also because you have had time to bond with your patients that you feel the pain when they pass on.

I can't discuss the diagnosis or what happened here because its confidential but I won't fail to share what I took away from it with you.
As his pulse vanished after repeated efforts to resuscitate him and the time of death was called.
I couldn't help feeling sorry for the relatives who couldn't contain the pain.
It brought me to the harsh reality of life, as I went back home that day I kept wondering to myself
That's it?
 That's all to life? 
We work so hard, stress over a lot and in no time that's it?
Life! Life! Life!
Why do we worry so much?
Why do we let things bug us so much?

From henceforth
I choose to be happy every chance I get,
I choose to thank God instead of complaining.
I choose to love me and all around me.
I choose to live my life the best way that I can,
I choose to smile,laugh and celebrate life.
I choose to quiet the voices in my head and outside of it that remind me of what I don't have and instead replace it with thoughts of every reason I have to smile.
I choose to make peace with God and enjoy the peace that he alone can give.

While we do our best to take care of our health by eating right,exercising, stopping harmful habits and getting our health check from time to time, it is God who gives life.
You are saved not because you are a doctor,nurse, politician or because you neither drink nor smoke not even because you are physically fit but because of his grace and mercy.

Are you living your best life?
Do you thank God enough for your life?
Are you doing your best to be happy no matter what?
Have a blessed day darlings

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It's December..... Again!!!!

"Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat" Happy new month darlings!  It's not just a new month,it's December!.....