Sunday, 22 October 2017

Understanding women made RIDICULOUSLY EASY!

Hey darlings welcome back to our blog. If I received a coin for all the times I have heard that women are too difficult, complicated or impossible to please I will be negotiating to buy zenith bank by now.
            Women are not as complicated as you think. This is how I see it, understanding a woman is like operating a cell phone. Pretty easy! But to someone who has no knowledge of the principles its almost rocket science.
               Everyman has at least a  wife/ girlfriend, mum,sister,auntie,cousin in his life that he loves and wants to be at peace with. Which is more reason why you need to understand these special beings.
         So because am concerned, I have taken time out to share basic knowledge on how to achieve this with you guys( I hope am speaking for all the ladies).

1.Women get scared. Dont be mad when we are freaked out by an insect,lizard,rat or worse. think of it rather as an opportunity to exercise your masculinity.
We are also scared to get hurt or die, when you start speeding "by her own standard" and she is not comfortable with it,just slow down; arguing back and forth will do you no good.
When she calls to know where you are, she is simply trying to make sure you are OK because she cares. When she complains about your keeping late nights its because she doesn't want you to fall into the wrong hands. Its coming from a place of Love.

2.Attention is fuel. You ain't  getting no peace if she isn't getting enough attention. It's really not that hard guys, check up on her when you are not together. Ask about her day, plan activities for you two. When she wants to talk about her day or what happened in the saloon or how iya Biliki did not answer her greeting the other day act interested even if you have to fake it.

3.Respect her, that means don't talk down on her in public or private. You can reprimand her at home not in public also her enemy is NOT your friend ( very important)

4.We can share our lipgloss but not our man. The only person she is not worried about is your mum,sister and auntie every other person needs to go through her to get your attention.

5. There comes a time every month when we are hormonal,irritable and a tad bit annoying. you have to know when it is and thread lightly. Yelling at this point will do more harm than good. Also understand that she might complain about so much and cry over the most mundane things. Be nice and supportive.

6.Buy her gifts. Gift is a universal language understood by women of all ethnicity and race.No matter how small, its the  thought that counts. Gifts make women happy and ahappy wife/ girlfriend equals a happy home/ relationship.

7. We need help sometimes. Real women like to play super woman juggling a career, raising kids, keeping the home clean and making sure everybody is fed and well. Even though she might not ask,deep down she needs  your help. Think of how you can help lessen her burden. You could help with the cooking sometimes,that will be romantic. You could help with the kids too. After all relationship is a partnership.

8.The man is the head of the house and the woman is the neck. Hence its the duty of the man to provide while the woman supports. Its not a 50/50 thing. You don't ask her to bring half of the rent while you bring the other half. Its a different thing if she makes more money and you both agree on how to share the responsibility. But a man should know that he is responsible for his household and not be lazy about it.

8.communicate! Women don't have a problem with this. We are not afraid to voice out what is on our mind. But this cannot be said about the male folks. They would rather discuss with their male friends than their spouse.
We would like for the men in our lives to tell us what's on their mind, what we are not doing right and how we can fix it. We want you to have an opinion even though we might not always agree with you.

9..half the time we are insecure about our look and we want you to make us feel good. Learn to give her compliments generously. She puts in the effort to get her hair and nails done, look beat and dress to the nines its a sin for you not to notice how dare you... Lol!!!

10 when she says how was the food. OK,nice,delicious is not enough. You have to dig deep. Be more creative with your compliments.

Was this helpful? Did I ommit something you would like to add? Share your thoughts in the comment box below

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

It smelt like.............. FEET!!!

My head is banging, I would have said you should shift for me to faint but am wearing white, I cannot come and dirty my clothe.
Let me take a long deep breathe of fresh unpolluted air!! ( breathes in and out)
So I went out to get my license today and I had to wait for  close to 2 hours because they were having staff meeting at the office.
I could either come back later or wait for the meeting to be over, but I chose the later to save me the stress and fuel.
I was on my phone going through pictures on Instagram when this cute, Tall,"sidebeard having"glass of fine wine walked into the waiting room.
Typically am not one to notice a guy but i cant stress this enough. He was fiiiiinnnneeeee!!!
He looked really nice in a well tailored suit (I don't mean coat ooo) his cologne smelt expensive and he had on  a really cool Dior clear glasses ( I know because I have eyes for sturvz  like that)
I Sat there pretending not to notice, you would think I was so engrossed in whatever I was doing with my phone. My bag was on the  chair next to me but i quickly took it and placed it on my laps to make space for him (as a considerate somebody that i am)
Is this seat taken?
 I dont think so 
I said casually and returned to scrolling through my phone trying not to look interested. After a while he asked if i had been waiting for long and that was how we started talking until the atmosphere changed
He had taken off his shoes when the whole place started to stink. The stench was so concentrated and wasn't going away. It smelt so bad I didn't know whether to pretend I wasn't perceiving anything or to change position and i didnt want to embarass anybody. But when I couldn't take it anymore i  took my bag and went to the back.
Now that am thinking of it I can't imagine why he would look so " well put together" and have a stinky feet/ shoes? I wonder  if he felt embarrassed when I left to go sit behind or was he oblivious of the stench from his shoes? Should I have said something?
What would you have done in that situation?

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XOXO cee

Monday, 16 October 2017

Life Lately: EP 10 Officially a real HOUSEWIFE!

Hey lovelies Welcome back to my blog? Where have you been? Happy 17th October to you my darlings......of course everyday is special, celebrate it!
Recently we have being going on and off and  this usually is the point where I apologise for being MIA but I think you and I are over the repeat apologies as am a repeat offender. In view of that  I will say  let's raise our glasses and toast to a better last quater of the year.....cheerssssss!!!!!!!

So i couldnt blog for a while because i kind of lost touch and i wasn't motivated enough due to some circumstances beyond my control. But thanks to all those who reached out to me via instagram, phonecalls and those who even came to knock on my door to querry me on this ( lol! They know themselves)  I love you guys and I appreciate you. I might shut down sometimes but I will always come back better and better and for those who kept on refreshing my page all these while...... You are the real MVP. What i will say to a new blogger is that it takes a lot of patience, self motivation and persistence to thrive as a blogger. Share your story, have fun and trust the process. You never know whose life you bless with your posts.
To bring you up to speed with life lately; on my end ,well my centre has been on strike for 6 weeks now, barely one week into my surgery posting.
The first week I was like
         " yes! I need this time off to rest"
but after the second week passed I went from chilling to freaking out; just because more strike equals delay in rounding up my house job and am not here for it.
I have been mostly indoors doing the same thing everyday that is eat,sleep,listen to music, clean ,fiddle with my phone, read and now a real jousewife of ituku/ Ozalla.
The silver linning here is that I can say that I have 6 weeks experience in being a housewife.....I wonder if I can add that on my résumé, Instagram bio or somewhere at least!
 That has got to count for something right?
To crown it all there hasn't been electricity for a month. As if being idle is not punishment enough. My gadgets are mostly down due to the power failure......well all except my radio..that's why we are in an intimate relationship. You can find me next to my radio the next time you are looking for me.
I don't know if I should share this but since I was fussing about my leggedezbenz needing an upgrade in my previous posts its only proper I share the good news. So finally God decided i had suffered enough and went on to bless me with a RIDE! now yours faithfully can add car owner to her résumé ( is not an easy something) so if you see me drive know the drill!!!
At this point am open to ideas, guys how do you make the best of situations like this? What to you do with an overdue Strike period?
Leave a comment below,  I love to read your thoughts and contributions.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Moving on!

Hey darlings!
Home is where the heart is and DSD is home to me apologies for each day i have gone without posting and  lawd! Have I been gone for ages!
Let me not bore you with excuses. I will tryyyyyyyyyyy to be a little more regular (fingers crossed) like I used to but if I don't...... Well, we will be fine. Let's just have fun.                      
What have you been up to? How was your sallah break? Did you do anything fun? Since the strike started i have taken time out to read books, exercise and recuperate and of course enjoy all the drama on social media. Believe me, it works like magic especially after those bad days that turn into bad weeks. Its always nice to shut down and reset your mind.
We are 8 days into the month of september, a reminder that the year is far spent and almost coming to an end. While we love and look forward to Christmas and new year celebrations, it will be nice to ask ourselves How much have I accomplished this year?
 have I done all that I set out for this year? What am I doing about setting the ball rolling as regards that project i have had on my mind for long. ( food for thought for you and I)
I finally started my surgery rotation and am loving it. Will keep you posted as we progress. Oh shoot! Did I tell you about my CHER and Newborn posting ? Phewwwww!!!!! We really need to catch up don't we? You really really really need to hear this one it was bananas for sure. OK I will  have that boxed in until my next post. So keep checking.

"Dont think too hard about anything, life is full of uncertainties let it inspire you to grow and move forward not backwards"

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Guess who is back!

Hi hun,  How're you doing ( in Wendy's voice), have you eaten? Are you ok?
I said I wasn't going to start this post with an apology because its getting toooooo much but how do I stay away for so long and come back without being apologetic especially to those who refresh my page every day (Thanks a lot).
I started my posting at Paediatric Emergency and its been a roller coaster, with me  coming home exhausted and passing out as soon as i get to my bed till the next day and the cycle continues. My hands have been full with making a living and until blogging starts putting food on "our table"  work will always come first. So please bear with me.
Why I was away what have you guys being up to? Who got a new job? Who got engaged who welcomed a new baby? Who got a new car?
I love good news I mean don't we all?
Meanwhile, what's the plan for friday? Where are you turning up? Fill me in by  Leaving  a comment below. And hey! happiness is always a choice not a circumstance. Be happy!

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Understanding women made RIDICULOUSLY EASY!

Hey darlings welcome back to our blog. If I received a coin for all the times I have heard that women are too difficult, complicated or im...